Thursday, September 29, 2011

How do you say "bon appetit" in Turkish?

Bon appetit!
Afiyet olsun!

After the meal, it is customary to thank the host by saying elinize sağlık, but you can get away with a teşekkür ederim or sağolun.

How do you ask for the check/bill at a restaurant?

Check please!
Hesap lütfen!
Can I have the bill please?
Hesabı alabilir misiniz lütfen?

"Why are you talking to me?" in Turkish

Why are you talking to me?
Niçin benimle konuşuyorsunuz?

How do you ask "how much does this cost" is Turkish?

How much does this cost?
  • Bu ne kadar?
  • Bu kaça?
What is the price of this?
Bunun fiyatı nedir?

How do you ask where your hotel is in Turkish?

Where is the hotel?
Otel nerede?
Could give me directions to the hotel?
Otelin yolunu tarif edebilir misiniz?
Which hotel are we going stay at?
Hangi otelde kalacağız?

How do you say "friend" in Turkish?

There are two words for friend in Turkish.

Arkadaş covers a wide spectrum of meanings from someone with whom you occasionally chat to a pal to a lifelong friend, and, in some instances even someone with whom you are romantically involved. However, don't let that alarm you: You are always safe calling someone your arkadaş. The word literally means someone who has your back. However, it is rarely used in that sense.

The word for a lifelong, trusted friend is dost. Sadık dost is a loyal friend.

How do you ask someone's name in Turkish?

What is your name?
Adınız nedir?
My name is Joan.
Benim adım Joan.

How do you say "Take it easy" in Turkish?

A visitor to wanted to know how to say take it easy in Turkish.

This is a tricky one. For example, Google Translate is stumped by it.

In the most common case, rahatla might be appropriate. It literally means relax.

Alternatives are üzme canını or sıkma canını. The latter is dangerous if you accidentally use i rather than the Turkish dotless i, i.e. ı because you end up using the equivalent of the F-word. A definite no-no in polite company.